Motion System SR-21 Pioneer

Pioneer is motion platform that is able to rotate a seat about two axes - resulting in pitch and roll rotations. It is attached to the cockpit's frame, under the seat.

Despite being one of the simplest solutions among motion systems, this pitch-roll platform has compact size, which makes it a perfect fit for home simulator stations. But its greatest asset is an advanced control system, which utilizes its potential to the maximum, ensuring responsiveness and precision. It is capable to simulate most important motion cues - acceleration, braking or turns - but thanks to our unique oscillation generation algorithms, also driving on uneven terrain.

System SR-21 is compatible with DynaSim cockpits and standard racing seats. It is also possible to order an adapter which allows to install it in other brands' cockpits (for details please contact via e-mail).

Application Rider is required to control Pioneer. It allows to mimic vehicle movement from dozens of racing games or other software. You can also use it to configure platform response in a user-friendly way to adjust it to personal preferences and simulated vehicle. You also need to install dedicated USB drivers.

Technical specification

Pitch range: +15°, -12°
Roll range: ± 13.3°
Max pitch/roll speed:

  • no load: 32.5 °/s
  • load 85kg: 30.0 °/s

Max load: 130kg​
Weight: 30kg
Dimensions: view-1 | view-2 | view-3

Internal power supply DC 24V,
     Imax 40A, typically 8A
Powered from mains supply 230V

External controller unit, plugged to PC via USB

24 months warranty