Rider Rider is your command center for DynaSim motion systems, which allows to connect them with telemetric data from dozens of racing games and more. Here you can also configure our other hardware, so that it suits your preferences and update its firmware.

Please remember that DynaSim motion systems requires dedicated drivers, available for download together with application. More details on Drivers page.

Rider screenshots

By downloading Rider you agree to its licence terms.

  • Primary task of Rider is communication and steering of DynaSim motion platforms. It also allows configuration of other DynaSim devices.

  • Input data for steering usually comes from games - Rider receives telemetric data, like accelerations or angular velocities, from vehicle driven by player and moves motion platform to simulate its movement.

  • Simple interface, which allows to connect with game with one click. Motion platform is detected and connected to automatically.

  • Platform steering algorithm may be adjusted to user preferences by changing few of many parameters, for example:
    • scaling of input accelerations
    • platform movement speed
    • shape of nonlinear scaling function (for instance you can boost low accelerations)
    • strength and frequency of vibrations added while driving on uneven terrain
    • and many more...

  • You can save any number of settings profiles and use it for any number of games, so you can quickly start another session with favorite settings. Predefined profiles for each game is distributed with software.

  • Contains simple diagnostic tool, which allows you to check if connected hardware works correctly, as well as manually move the platform.

  • In-game telemetry may be enabled with one click - if only game allows for automatic configuration. Otherwise for each game detailed instructions how to enable telemetry are provided.

  • For VR users Rider offers platform's motion compensation - which makes in-game camera position insensitive to body movements resulting from platform's motion. It significantly enhances driving comfort and realism. You can read more on VR page.

  • Only one platform and one game may be connected at a time. In case of plugging multiple platforms you have to choose which one should be used.

  • Additional functionality is writing your own game connection scripts, which allows to move platform using other source than officially supported games. SDK distributed together with Rider enables you to connect with games and platforms from your own application. ATTENTION - DynaSim is not responsible for incorrect program behavior or any damage resulting from incorrectly written scripts.
  • System Windows 7 or newer
  • .NET Framework 4.6.1 or newer ( download)
  • VC++ redistributable 2015 or newer (download)
  • For minimal communication latency it at least 4-thread CPU is recommended.

Our terms in short:

  • By downloading or using Rider you agree to full license terms.
  • Software is free for private and commercial use.
  • Software may be installed on any number of devices and be distributed using private channels (e.g. pendrive or email attachment), but it cannot be published on internet website or other publicly available place.
  • Executable files and other binary files (like .dll) distributed together with Rider may not be decompiled not tampered with.
  • DynaSim provides support with installation and use of software if user's device meets system requirements listed above. In case of problems with software, which cannot be solved, you may return hardware which requires out software to be used
  • Any change in configuration files or game communication scripts is supported only if its done via application interface, otherwise it may lead to incorrect behavior or damage to connected hardware. DynaSim is not responsible for any damages resulting from manual changes in those files, unless DynaSim employee confirms their validity.

Full license is available only in polish (link).

Manuals are available in polish only.
In case of any troubles please write to support@dynasim.eu.
  • v1.0.2 (13.01.2021)
    Added support for few new games.
    Added notification that connected device has incompatible firmware.
    New compatible version of SR-21 firmware is v2.0 - in platform panel, in Diagnostic tab firmware may be updated.
    Added experimental support for passing data from games to DynaSim peripheral devices (devices using such functionality are for now limited to selected users, so they are not visible in application).
    Fixed bug, which caused program to be stucked when computing model's parameters for VR motion compensation.
    Added missing file for eXpanSIM plugin.
    Added help text for USB driver installer in case automatic installation would failed.
    Many minor upgrades and fixes for application and motion processing algorithm.
  • v1.0.1 (22.11.2020)
    Added support for few new games.
    Fixed aircraft steering when no accelerations are provided.
    Added direct vibration input to decoder scripts.
    On application start information that it is loading is shown.
    Application asks for permission to send anonymous statistics before sending them.
    Updated eXpanSIM plugin.
  • v1.0.0 (05.11.2020)
    First stable, fully functional version.