DynaGear One Series

All devices in DynaGear One series are plugged to common base station DG-1K, which contains controller unit, however they may be also be equipped with independent electronic board and plugged directly to PC via USB. Devices can be configured and updated usingĀ RiderĀ application.

All devices are manufactured on request only and may be personalized.

Microcontroller station serves as a connection hub for other DynaGear One series peripherals. The station itself is plugged into a computer via USB, which supplies it with power as well as rest of connected devices.

Additionally equipped with a set of push buttons, allowing to quickly change configuration of your vehicle while driving without any distractions.

Well designed pedals set is an essential component of every driving simulator. Fleet-Foot pedal system, equipped with hydraulic brake and clutch, simulates force required to press them just like in real F1 or LPM cars. Realistic action, durable construction and aesthetic looks will meet requirements of most demanding gamers.

Requires DG-1K station to connect to a computer. Characteristic of signal passed to computer depending on applied force may be configured in Rider application.

Realistic hand-brake equipped with hydraulic system, which simulates force required to pull a real sport hand-brake as well as ensures high durability and precision, so that it will serve you well in any conditions.

Connected to PC via station DG-1K or shifter DG-1S.

Sequential shifter, equipped with spring system, which ensures comfortable and precise action while driving. Solid metal construction and durable moving elements make it reliable even when exploited extensively.

Requires DG-1K station to connect to a computer.