We offer two cockpit models for driving simulator station, dedicated both for home and business use.
Chassis of our cockpits are made of durable steel profiles and divided into two parts - one with a seat and one with peripherals. Both parts may be joined together on multiple points, so that everyone can adjust cockpit's length for own height.
You can install to chassis: a seat of course, up to 3 monitors and lots of different devices - steering wheel, pedals, hand-brake and many others (additional supports for peripherals may be ordered). Each of devices may be installed in few positions to support varied player's height and preferences.
Cockpits are compatible with standard racing seats and DynaSim input devices as well other top brands. Under the seat you can install our motion system or choose version with fixed base.

Model with simple, classical shape, designed for commercial use, where endurance and functionality is what counts most. Particularly recommended for simulators, which supports driving lessons. It provides maximal durability, stability and flexibility in installation of peripherals dedicated for various vehicles.

Characterized by dynamic, but also sturdy shape, combining impressive appearance with high reliability. It will serve great as home cockpit for sim-racing fans as well as for any events. Together with SR-21 motion platform it will fit even most demanding players.

Seat and peripheral devices are ordered separately.