Motion Platform SR-21 Pioneer

Pioneer - a mobile platform based on simple but effecive concepts, carves out a path for new standard of small motion systems. It combines proven solutions with a fresh approach and novel steering algorithms, developed together for more than 2 years.

System SR-21 is installed under the seat and allows to rotate it about two axes - pitch and roll. Inclusion of our motion system in Your simulator station will surely boost Your enjoyment as well as driving realism and immersion. We recommend to try it out together with VR helm for best experience.


No driving simulator may do without steering devices found in real car. Hydraulic pedals or hand-brake, designed to work like their real counterparts will appeal to both casual players and professional sim-racers. Out peripherals have durable and aesthetic appearance driven with software which allows to configure their response from PC,


The basis of driving simulator station is of course functional cockpit, with installed seat, monitors and peripheral devices - and for players looking for best experience - also motion system.

Primary design concept of out cockpits is simple, practical construction in appealing form. They have many possible peripheral installation points, so everyone can adjust their position to personal preferences. They also have regulated length to fit any person's height.

Simulator Stations

We also offer assembling of full driving simulator station, in cooperation with company Raving Bots, which provide professional vehicle simulator software.

Station will be fully personalized, with peripherals and motion system adapted to specific vehicle requirements. Due to combination software and hardware which imitate real conditions, it may be used to supplement driving lessons.